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May 24th, 2024 02:50

A week of "out for delivery" stop using FedEx

I ordered a G16 7630 on 5/6 and it was shipped on 5/8 GREAT!, estimated delivery was 5/17, everything goes well until estimated date changed to 5/16 and that morning tracking shows "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" now I'm waiting for fedex (surprise... nothing), still waiting until the end of the day but I have no clue where my order could be, I'm constantly checking the tracking and it's still showing "On FedEx vehicle for delivery". Hopping for it to be delivered the next day (5/17)... still nothing and the tracking is now stuck on that last scan, I get in contact with Dell on monday (5/20) I was told they were going to escalate to logistic and it could take 48 hours, contacted them again on 5/22 and again the same response "case escalated wait 48 hours" tracking still stuck on last scan "5/16 On FedEx vehicle for delivery" I don't want to get in a loop, I'm lost right now any suggestion or experience like this?

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May 24th, 2024 04:10

Dell has insured shipping with FedEx.  Your order will be replaced if something was happened to the original shipment.  Besides waiting for Dell support agent working with FedEx to track the order on your behalf, nothing customers could do to change what have had happened.  

However, you will have a choice in case of the current shipment becomes undeliverable due to loss or damage  You can accept another replacement order or cancelling it for a refund.  Your suggestion of "stop using FedEx" is nonsense and that will not happen.  Besides logistic shipping contract, FedEx and Dell are partner in data centers and services.


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May 24th, 2024 22:29

@Chino de Oro​ thanks for your response, "stop using FedEx" (they are really bad) wasn't meant for Dell, just a general advice for the people on the forum. Anyway I got an email from a specialist confirming the lost shipment.

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