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May 18th, 2024 17:37

Caps Lock Light Always On - CMOS issue


Today, I changed new CMOS battery because I received an error of time and date during boot (not frequent, sometimes it's fine). Before I changed the CMOS battery, my laptop did not show an amber light/the diagnostic light, but now it shows CMOS has an issue (3 amber, 1 light) for all time. 

After I changed to the new CMOS, it's getting worse. Before that, when I log in, the time is always right. Now, I need to wait about 2 min for it to change automatically (bcz it's connect to internet).

Adding to that issue, my CAPS LOCK tab's light always ON. It's work fine but is hard to know if it's on or not since it's always show it ON. 

My question is the CMOS battery cause this issue? How should I do to solve the CMOS battery issue even I already changed to a new one? Did my laptop lack the power because I didn't have the main battery (removed - bloated)? Should I change to my old CMOS battery? Can cheap CMOS battery can cause an issue? Or the socket has issue?

Thank you in advance for help.
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