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May 24th, 2024 17:00

Customer Service

I have had a lot of problems with my Dell  XPS 13 Plus 9320 (I would not recommend purchasing this type of laptop it is far more trouble than it is worth). The last time I called Dell for service support with my trackpad sticking the individual helping me had me clear my browser history as if this would resolve my issue—which, of course, it did not since this is a hardware issue. So, I was very frustrated and have been avoiding reaching out for further help from Dell. However, I recently experienced an issue with my speakers no longer working, so I finally gave in and called. The individual helping me, Krishnendu Mitra, was incredibly helpful. He was patient and did not belittle me or act as if I was dumb or difficult to work with. He resolved both of my laptop issues (the speakers and the trackpad) and was not in a rush to be done helping me. I very much appreciated his help, and he has turned my horrible previous experiences with Dell into something far more positive. This employee deserves recognition. 

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