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May 24th, 2024 10:35

Inspiron 7506 2n1 Silver

Recently, I was carrying my laptop in my computer bag and my water spilled in the bottom of the bag. Some of the water got on the opening edges of my laptop. I let the laptop sit for about 2 days. I removed the battery and am currently using the laptop by powering it through the power cord that came with the laptop. Other than the battery having issues, I am having only one issue. I have repaired the laptop to the day before the spill happened, using F12 on startup. When I log into Windows 11, the login screen flickers on and off. When I press my finger on the identity button, the screen goes blank and then Windows 11 starts up. That flicker on the login screen is the only issue I have. Is there something else I can do to fix that?

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May 24th, 2024 10:57

At minimum, the system needs to be examined internally for signs of damage (corrosion) from the spill.  I suspect you have a short circuit internally and will likely need a replacement mainboard.

Service manual here

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