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April 13th, 2024 02:59

Inspiron 7610 Intermittent Touchpad

I purchased an Inspiron 7610 (Inspiron 16 Plus) 3 summers ago. I purchased premium support coverage with the laptop. Soon after I got it, the touchpad started working only intermittently. I reached out to customer support, and they sent me a new unit. The new unit had the same issue. Since then, I have reached out to customer support many additional times. Each time, they have walked me through troubleshooting steps (changing settings in Windows, updating bios and drivers, even reinstalling Windows) but nothing has worked. Each time, they have set up a service to replace the touchpad. They have now replaced the touchpad 5 separate times. One of those times they also replaced the motherboard, keyboard, and palm rest (practically the whole computer except for the screen). Nothing has worked, the touchpad is still intermittent.

I've seen that this issue is widely reported on the Inspiron 7610 and appears to be a fundamental design flaw with this model. I have asked for a replacement with a different model but my request was denied. Every time I try to talk with customer support, they repeat that they can try replacing the touchpad over and over again, even when I tell them they have already done that 5 times. I feel like I'm talking to a wall, which is agonizing since I spent upwards of $100 to purchase premium support so that I would be able to resolve just such an issue if it arose. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to appeal the issue to a higher level authority, or any other thoughts on how I can actually fix this issue once and for all?

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