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December 2nd, 2023 16:48

Keyboard Illumination(Backlight) not working e7270

Keyboard Illumination(Backlight)  not  working e7270

Caps light is on , Bios have illumination options on key board  on AC and battery .  

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please help how  to turn it on ?

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December 2nd, 2023 17:09

** edit -- your service tag provides the answer.  Your keyboard is not backlit:

580-ADZD: Non-backlight keyboard (Japanese) 86
556-BBCD: Mo

Is this a case where you have a system you've never tried the backlight, or that it has worked in the past, but no longer does?  If it's the former, are you certain the system has a backlit keyboard (which would have been optional -- not standard when the system was built;  regardless of that, the setting in setup would be there)?

If it's a case that the backlight has worked in the past, does it illuminate briefly during the power on self test?  If it does not, it's a hardware issue -- check the connection between the backlight cable and mainboard inside the system.

Service manual is here


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