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November 30th, 2023 20:15

NVIDIA Surround on a laptop?

Dell G16 7620

Dell G16 7620

I'm not sure if this is something that should be posted here or on with an NVIDIA support forum, but because I think it's a laptop-specific problem, I'll see what comes out of this attempt.

I've been trying to use NVIDIA's Surround function in order to stretch a game in fullscreen mode across my laptop's internal display and an external screen plugged into the HDMI port. I adjusted the resolutions and refresh rates to match each other, but I just can't figure out how to make it so both the internal display and the external monitor are both using the NVIDIA GPU.

For example, here's what my NVIDIA Control Panel looks like when I've manually switched the display mode to use the NVIDIA GPU:

No problems so far.

But when I connect the external monitor:

It forces my laptop display onto the Intel GPU while the external monitor is connected to the NVIDIA one, and doesn't present an option to manually override that for the internal display.

I've tried disabling the Intel Graphics Driver from the Device Manager, but then instead of switching to the NVIDIA GPU, it goes into this basic Windows Display Mode thing.

In all my googling, I've only ever found people posting about having issues with Surround on desktops, not laptops, and I haven't dug up anything that comes close to even explaining why this isn't working.

So if there's some wizard out there who can explain it, or even has a solution for me, it would be so extremely appreciated.

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November 30th, 2023 20:51

I think your setup provides your answer -- the system cannot drive both screens from the nVidia GPU simultaneously.

There are gaming systems that can do what you want, but they're not found in the midrange market, which is where this system is located.  You'd need a very high end gaming system, likely with an RTX 4080 GPU to do what you are looking to do.

Even if it's possible to make the setup run as you'd like, the system won't be able to keep that GPU cool enough without throttling -- the G16 just doesn't have the cooling capacity needed (and probably can't supply the power to run that GPU at full speed with two outputs).


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November 30th, 2023 21:09

@ejn63​ Thank you so much for laying it out for me. It's such a relief to know that I'm not missing something obvious and it's just a shortcoming of my current setup. Thanks again! 😊

February 17th, 2024 05:48

Hey there, Write!

I totally get the frustration with getting NVIDIA Surround to work seamlessly on your Dell G16 7620. It sounds like a tricky puzzle to solve. Have you checked if your laptop's BIOS settings offer any options related to graphics switching? Sometimes, there are settings in there that can affect how GPUs are utilized. Also, have you tried updating your NVIDIA drivers to the latest version? Sometimes, a simple driver update can work wonders. Keep at it, and hopefully, you'll crack this gaming conundrum soon! 😊

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