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April 12th, 2024 09:00

[Question] Inspiron "ruined" my SSD??

Specs: Inspiron 15 3525, Ryzen 5625U, 24GB RAM (8GB + another 16GB I added)

I bought this "manufacturer refurbished" laptop about a year ago, upgrade the SSD from 256GB to 1TB (used Adata XPG, clean Windows install) immediately. I decided to upgrade the SSD from 1TB to 2TB (brand new WD Blue, also clean Windows install) about 2 months ago.

Everything has been working fine until Monday - I left home to see and photograph the solar eclipse and came back with the laptop bleeping, when the laptop "blue screened" and Dell SupportAssist recovery saying "hardware failure" in my SSD (OS drive).

Thank goodness I still have the original 1TB SSD as the boot drive before I upgraded, left untouched with all OS and files intact, so I swapped it back in.

The laptop booted just once, and gave me numerous error messages. I rebooted and then got the same "blue screen" message from SupportAssist recovery saying "hardware failure" of the primary drive!

When I use an external SSD enclosure to try to retrieve files from BOTH SSDs on another computer, it says "cannot access drive" on both SSDs - meaning they are ruined!

Initially I thought I bought a lemon of WD SSD (I have been using WD SSDs for a long time and this was the first time). However, since the original SSD is also ruined, I don't think it is the hardware problem of the SSD after all.

My question is - has anyone experienced something like this? Is this the problem of the BIOS / motherboard? Whatever this is, it is bad enough to ruin the hardware of the OS drives, making them inaccessible!

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April 12th, 2024 09:13

Ran a quick search and not many similar results with boot drive issues for Inspiron 3525.  It seems like isolated and specific to your system.  Hardware failure is a generic error and does not give much information to work with.  Run a full scan and reporting the specific error codes here if you seek help from community.

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April 12th, 2024 14:32

WD has its own diagnostic utility you can use to verify the condition of the drive, but the chances of two drives failing independently are much lower than that the system is the issue, not the drives.

If the drives pass the WD diagnostics, the next question is, will the system power up without the SSD installed, and will it pass the built-in diagnostics (accessed by pressing F12 a few times at powerup)?

Bad RAM or a bad mainboard is almost certainly the cause here -- not bad drives.

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