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September 13th, 2023 10:42

Consolidate and rename 2 Isilon/Powerscale clusters


So I have two clusters, lets say they're called isilonA and isilonB.

They were both initially setup with just one smartconnect zone each with the same name as the clustername.

They are both AD-connected with the same machine account and hostname as the clustername.

Since then there have been a multitude of other access zones with other smartconnect zones etc added to each, some with other ADs as well.

Now I want to consolidate the original smartconnect zones onto one of the clusters. I.e. I want to move all of data in that original zone and the smartconnect zone name/DNS from isilonB to isilonA.

After(or before ideally) I'd like to rename isilonB to isilonZ.

So... how do I do this with minimal impact? The question here is the renaming part and any potential issues with SPNs etc.

From what I gather I cannot change the "machine account" in AD without leaving/rejoining the domain(?), but perhaps that doesn't matter?

It doesnt look like I can change the "hostname" seen in "isi auth ads view <domain>" either? Or will that auotmatically update somehow when I change the cluster name?

My primary concern is if/when I create a new smartconnect zone and move the DNS delegation from isilonB to isilonA that I'll get issues with SPNs due to IsilonB still using that hostname and machine account.

26 Posts

September 13th, 2023 11:24

My description of the problem is probably confusing.

Maybe I can rephrase the question in a better way.

I want to rename isilonB to isilonZ, and move the smartconnect zone of isilonB to another cluster.

However the isilonB name is also the name the cluster used to register with AD, so if I look at "isi auth ads view <domain>" it shows isilonB as "hostname" and "machine account". This does not seem to change even after i change the cluster name.

Will this be a problem when establishing the isilonB name as a smartconnect zone on another cluster? Will I get an SPN issue as the hostname is "in use" on the old cluster(even though the smartconnect zone there is removed)?

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