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January 29th, 2024 17:14

DFS NameSpace on powerScale

We recently purchased a PowerScale appliance with the idea of replacing older Windows 2008 R2 file servers with it. With Windows 2008 R2 we setup a DFS Namespace that makes it easier to access network shares and even migrating the servers to a new server without having to change anything on the users' end. With PowerScale I can't find how to setup a DFS namespace. We can create a share ans basically access it using the server name or IP address like \\\sharedfolder instead of just doing \\domain\sharedfolder.

Is this possible to do with PowerScale? I have been looking for some documentation on how to accomplish this but haven't been able to find anything so far

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February 1st, 2024 13:56

Its pretty simple, you would still need a Microsoft windows DFS server, Powerscale will handle DNS for its own subdomain. Once a powerscale cluster is setup and you have delegated a DNS subdomain to it e.g "Powerscale.domain" you can connect to it via DNS UNC paths and you should be good to go.

e.g. setup a pool on an access zone "domain" e.g. smb.powerscale.domain. you should then be able to browse to the network share via the unc path \\smb.powerscale.domain\share and that is what you put in your DFS records and disable the old record pointing to your windows server. 

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