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September 4th, 2023 19:45

EMC2 Isilon Node Issue

Hello Community,

Need some help please

i have emc2 isilon storage with 47 nodes at work i had an electricity cut off when the nodes turned on i found that node 1 turned on but ext 1 and ext 2 turned on but the system is reading the node is down i can see the lights on the network ports but not the emc cables.

i have uploaded some pictures of the system and the nodes from behind

ext 1 2 and not showing up, and both network cables are blinking but not the emc cables,
i want to move the ext 1 and 2 to ext 3 and 4 with same configuration that 1 and 2 
anyone can help with this issue please. or tell me whats wrong or if there a missed configuration
i have (OneFS Version:
thank you

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September 5th, 2023 19:33


Can you connect via serial console to see where node 1 is at in the bootup process?  Make a Dell SR if possible.

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