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December 7th, 2023 21:38

InsightIQ problem changing datastore to NFS location.

I am simply trying to change the InsightIQ  datastore location from internal to an NFS location however I continue to get an error message "The postgres user may not have valid permissions to operate within /ifs/shares/nfs/InsightIQ on the NFS host <IsilonCluster>".

The NFS folder is on an Isilon cluster and the NFS export has been configured to give the InsightIQ server access to the NFS share. I can manually mount the NFS share from the InsightIQ server and create files/folders. From the InsightIQ cli, I can su to root then su to the postgres user (I have no idea what is the password) and I do get permission denied when trying to access the NFS folder. If I change the folder perms to 777, I can access the NFS folder however from a security standpoint I don't want to do that.

I created a user called "postgres" on the Isilon cluster and assigned it to the administrator group but I still can't access the NFS folder from InsightIQ. I thought it might not work but had to try.

Has anyone else had this postgres permissions error when using an NFS folder within InsightIQ?

Thank you!



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December 8th, 2023 17:16

Hello thomaslar,

Here is a link to a kb that maybe of assistance.

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