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October 30th, 2023 07:48

ISILON ONEFS FTP Permission problems

We are having problems with FTP permission access to the home directory. I have created a user and gave it a home directory, also created an SMB with the appropriate permissions


My settings on the FTP are as follows

chroot-local-mode - none
local-root-path   - {empty}

With the above settings windows is able to open ftp and land on the users home directory. But when i use an FTP client it lands on the /ifs 

Then we did another test, and made the following changes

chroot-local-mode - all
local-root-path   - /IFS/DATA/DIR

This allowed the FTP client to land on the DIR. But the issue here is what if we have another user with another home directory different to the path then the above. How do we set that as local root path and see both users land on their respective directories



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October 30th, 2023 13:52


Thanks for your question.

This article should provide the steps on changing the directory for a single user.


Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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