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August 8th, 2023 01:00

Isilon smb folder permissions on s3 isi_s3 directories


We have a cluster version 9.4. 

We have one directory structure that we want to access from smb and s3. 

We configured inherited permissions on the base directory structure so that all subfolders inherit these base permissions. Additionally one of the bottom folders is exposed through s3 and we use specific user for the bucket folder. Everything is working as expected, the inherited permissions are properly inherited to the bottom folders including the s3 bucket and smb users can access the bucket as expected. 

The problem is that according to the docs OneFS creates .isi_s3 directory for some s3 operations. These directories are visible from smb users, and when smb user try to change the inherited permissions of the base directory (which includes the buckets directory ) the user cannot access the system folders S3 is creating and GUI prompts "Access denied". They do not inherit the base permissions for some reason (only the bucket user has write access to them) and the smb users does not have access to them. 

The folders are of no importance for the smb users (they are for s3 internal operations), but they conflict with permission changes from smb. 

Is this by design or I am missing something ? 

Is there a way to hide these system s3 folders and do not bother smb users at all ?

Thank you in advance ! 




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August 8th, 2023 13:00

Hello agerchev,

Here are a couple of links that maybe of assistance.

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