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January 16th, 2024 10:22

nested domain marks / snaprevert

Scenario: a large SMB share has outgrown its orginal purpose /ifs/path/share1. if we have an issue and revert using snaprevert we revert the entire share which affects all users using share1, as its not possible to just revert a single share1/subfolder (we have 100+ subfolders). I am looking into the best way to manage this. I have read that nested Domain Marks are possible but found no detail at all on how that works, if we did a restore we dont want to accidently lock all of share1 as read only, just the subfolder, how does the system know which snaprevert domain to use? 

If we switch to create snapshot policies for each indivdual share1/subfolder1, share1/subfolder2 etc... that would take a lot of cluster resources and bring us close to cluster limitations. 

long term we will need to split out data into separate shares, but this is a long way off. I know nestest snapshots are possible but if we can't actually revert them using snaprevert then they are not of much use for restoring-at-scale 

has anyone come across these types of issues before? is the only reference I have found that mentions nested domain marks but no detail. is our cluster.



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January 18th, 2024 16:39

Hello storageSysAdmin,

I am not seeing any information on nested domain marks for Isilon or powerscale.

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