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June 16th, 2023 01:00

New Host Firewall - Problems

Did anybody already play around with the new on-host firewall released with 9.5? I for the life of mine, cannot get this to work. Behavior seems worse than erratic to me.

Guesses so far:

ipfw rule writes seem to not honour subnet/pool network segment size and always default back to /24 size. Multiple ipfw table entries are generated for "same" rule...

Somebody have the firewall up and running with expected results?



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June 16th, 2023 08:00

Hello CendresMetaux,

Have you configured your firewall as stated on page 413 of the web administration guide.

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June 16th, 2023 23:00

I opened an SR and had Dell support/engineering looking over it. As config seems OK but behaviour quite odd, they start a repro in the labs.

I'll post here when more info is available...

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June 26th, 2023 04:00

Well, turns out there's an open known issue/bug with regards to this:

Firewall: ipfw rule for "allow ip from any to any in" will be matched prior to the "ip from any to any in recv" rules for additional VLAN interfaces - PSCALE-176813

According to support it looks as if this issue will be resolved in

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