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October 6th, 2022 09:00

Problems running isi status -v

Just started noticing after we have upgraded our cluster from to

Whenever  we run isi status -v, we 

get  the following error:

internal cli error: missing keys, ‘Progress’.

Anyone seen this issues?




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October 13th, 2022 08:00

We just rebooted  few nodes.

Now the error is gone.




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October 7th, 2022 07:00

Hello SnMoh,

I would open a support case as there is an issue that wasn’t cleaned up when you performed your upgrade.

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October 12th, 2022 04:00

Support contacted last week.

Has not received any remedy yet.

The last communication from them is:

They are still reviewing the log.








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October 12th, 2022 08:00

Hello SnMoh,

Do you have the service request# for the case that you opened?  If you can send that to me in a private message I can look into the case.

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