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June 18th, 2024 10:22

Split nodepool by removing compability

We have a nodepool that initially consisted of 4x A200. We later purchased A300's and added a compability setting on the nodepool so that they could join the same pool.

We now want to remove the A200s from the pool, making the pool 100% A300. One way of doing this, according to a Dell PS consultant, is to simply remove the compability of the pool. According to him that would make the nodes "split out" and instantly form their own nodepool. It should have no impact to production according to him. Now I have no way of testing this, and our Dell sales rep has been unable to verify if it really works this way. So putting my hopes to this forum.

The pool looks like this:

isilon10-1# isi storagepool nodepools view --verbose 15
                  ID: 15
                Name: a200_180tb_1.6tb-ssd_64gb
               Nodes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20
       Node Type IDs: 2, 3
   Protection Policy: +3d:1n1d
              Manual: No
          L3 Enabled: Yes
 L3 Migration Status: l3
                Tier: tier2
      Transfer Limit: 90%
Transfer Limit State: default
                Avail Bytes: 901.95T
            Avail SSD Bytes: 0.00
            Avail HDD Bytes: 901.95T
                   Balanced: No
                 Free Bytes: 901.95T
             Free SSD Bytes: 0.00
             Free HDD Bytes: 901.95T
                Total Bytes: 1.90P
            Total SSD Bytes: 0.00
            Total HDD Bytes: 1.90P
                 Used Bytes: 1.02P (54%)
             Used SSD Bytes: 0.00 (0%)
             Used HDD Bytes: 1.02P (54%)
    Virtual Hot Spare Bytes: 0.00

isilon10-1# isi storagepool nodetypes list -v
          ID: 2
Product Name: A200-4U-Single-64GB-1x1GE-2x10GE SFP+-180TB-800GB SSD
       Nodes: 5, 6, 7, 8
      Manual: No
          ID: 3
Product Name: A300-4U-Single-96GB-1x1GE-2x25GE SFP+-180TB-800GB SSD
       Nodes: 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20
      Manual: No

The idea is to just run the command:

isi storagepool nodepools modify --remove-node-type-ids=3

If the theory is correct that would make the A300 nodes split and form their own A300 nodepool. Can someone confirm this?

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June 19th, 2024 09:34

Happy to report the command above did exactly what we hoped.

"isi storagepool nodepools modify --remove-node-type-ids=3" instantly split the A300s into their own nodepool. No disruption noticed.

Now we've placed the new A300 nodepool into the tier and removed the A200 from it, to let the smartpools job move all data before we smartfail the A200s from the cluster.



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June 18th, 2024 20:39

Hello mawi82,

Here is a link to a kb that maybe of assistance.

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