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October 12th, 2023 00:52

unable to SSH OneFS (9.2.1) + unable to login to WebUI

Hi All,

i'm struggling fixing this weird issue and have spent days trying to solve it but no luck. i am not able to SSH all ISILON nodes (including the cluster IP node), i've attached the error message, all privileges are set. on the other hand, when accessing the webUI - the URL redirects to "IP:8080/#Login?expired=1", using root/admin doesn't work at all,  restarting the httpd and SSHd service did not fix the issue. domain users shows no privilege as seen in the pic

thank you all in advance for all your help.



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October 12th, 2023 10:08

Hello Abuvmlab,

It is best to open a support case for this issue so that we can look into your system to see what is going on.

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