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December 19th, 2005 11:00

LCD pressure marks - what they are and how to fix

I have an LCD with several small pressure marks about the size of the eraser end of a pencil.
Can anyone explain what exactly happens when a pressure mark is created?
Is the mark dirt or a scratch on the inside or outside of the screen?
Is it damage to the actual pixels?
Are they caused by touching the screen? If so, why?
Is it possible to fix the screen by eliminating or reducing the pressure mark?
Cleaning the screen with isopropyl alcohol has removed various other black marks due to contact with the keyboard but these pressure marks remain.
Any advise or comments about LCD screen construction, how this relates to pressure marks and if it is possible to fix would be appreciated.
Does anyone know a website which gives such information?

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December 20th, 2005 00:00

Best discription I can come up with is a 'polishing-off' of the anti-glare coating
"...due to contact with the keyboard ..." and it is on the surface of the screen,
not affecting the pixels, but since it is a removal of material, no removal of
the marks would be practile.

Keyboard should never contact screen, there are usually rubber bumpers on screen
lid to prevent contact, D800 has eight of them and LM has none, but no screen/keyboard
contact has ever occured.

Most likely cause woul be a too tight packing for travel, with great pressure on
closed lid to cause contact, prevention would be to avoid packing that tight, as
well as checking 'bumpers' and posssibly adding more and thicker bumpers.

I would Google Search for some sort of antiglare coating that might be applied
to replace what is gone, this would need to be done with great care to look
better than it does now.

December 27th, 2005 14:00

This is my first post! lol, anyway, ive used several Dell laptops in the past, and have seen this on a few more used ones. I think it is mostly because people sit things on top of them or travel a lot where it jitters around, easist thing to do is use some of that VERY SOFT packing foam that usually the laptops are packaged with strait from dell. I took a few from new laptops and cut a piece to fit my C840 15.1" lcd perfect, it didnt touch from the beginning but just from being in the bag i dont want any of those marks ever on the screen, theyre basically very fine rub marks from the hard keys.  You can take care of the laptop great and still get this. Most newer screens though like the D series D600/800+ have a stronger/sturdy lid that prohibits more contact than the older models.  It is annoying to look at.

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January 6th, 2006 20:00

I've seen several of our notebooks that look like that, and worse.
Surprisingly, a good thorough cleaning with a non-ammonia glass cleaner (don't use windex, and don't spray on the screen, spray on the cloth) brings them back to like-new.
My boss asked me to call Dell and get his screen replaced due to marks from the pointer and keyboard. I just cleaned it, and I think he still assumes it's a new one.

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January 22nd, 2006 01:00

Thanks for the comments.

Anyone else have any further suggestions, particularly about the antiglare coating and if it is possible to repair it in any way.

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