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March 7th, 2023 00:00

Unboxing the 5570. Great, but then awfully horrible to use

Look, just to let everybody know. I just received a dell precision 5570. Nice cardboard box. When I open it, the inner box pops up. Great, that's thoughtful, I get it. That's a good, thoughtful start.

Ooh, a magnetic opening of the package. That sounds promising. Opens smoothly -- discuss with colleagues how cool it would be if it would just do 'whoosh' and let out a whiff of steam, laughing.
And that is as far as it all went.

Next, I get the actual laptop, nicely laid out... BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO GRAB IT.
I actually have to flip the entire box over, letting gravity take over and let the laptop 'fall' out of it's cradle. There is no way to get it manually since the fitting is too tight to get fingers in. No latch, no cord to grab it.
Me and my colleagues laugh. Oh well, it looks great.
But that is not the end of it. It gets massively, MASSIVELY worse.

THERE IS NO WAY TO OPEN THE F'IN LAPTOP. The notch which you can use to open the lid is not there. It's firm fitting tight. I almost need to get a knife to pry the lid open. And when I close it, I have to do it again.

Apparently someone thought that ridgeless is cool and smooth and made NO EXCUSES for whatever thing, like usability.
So the first thing I'm going to have to do, is get a knife, and scratch to create a notch so I can actually open the lid normally.

Who thought of this. Apparently Dell computers are designed with a mac, because nobody designing them actually uses them.
That is probably the last time I'll get a Dell.
Yes, my standards are not dumb. I used to own mac book pro's, and a Microsoft surface. Those are high end. Here I was hoping that the experience wouldn't be horrible. And it wasn't. It's just that the actual use of the thing is horrible. The one thing. THE ONE THING they should get right, and they cant.
Man, I'm sad I got a Dell.

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