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February 12th, 2024 15:01

DDM 2, keeps closing

I'm not sure if this is a monitor issue or DDM 2 issue? Basically two things are happening, when I open DDM, it just closes after about a minute. I have my other device connected and this is interfering I think. I then get the Windows sound that something is disconnected, briefly goes off, as it just did then, and comes back. It's just not working right and I have no clue what it could be? Any ideas anyone?

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February 12th, 2024 15:30

To receive assistance from Dell support agents they need to first verify the ownership and warranty status. Click the blue "Get Help Now" on the right to start a private live chat session. Share the private monitor Service Tag and 20 digit serial number with them.

Our users will need more data before they can try to assist =
* What is that "other device" ?
* What Dell monitor model?
* What specific version of DDM 2? (DDM 2.0 =,; DDM 2.1 =,,; DDM 2.2 =
* What PC model?
* How is the PC connecting to the monitor using all ports and cabling?

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