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October 10th, 2023 21:29

4048-ON switch continues to remove admin account configuration

I have a 4048-ON switch that I have configured the admin account on that seems to lose its own password after a couple weeks of operation.  Have tried reboots,  resetting the password,  and even a full new OS install with no change to the admin account getting locked out.

To clarify, I have reset the password, saved the config, and then attempted to SSH to the admin account immediately after on more than 1 4048 and it just appears that this particular switch is doing this.



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October 11th, 2023 03:23



What is the current firmware of the switch?


After you have reconfigured, you will have access right? Could you run a #terminal length 0, #show tech-support, #show logging to check if there are any errors or to identify the root cause. 


October 11th, 2023 14:30

@DELL-Joey C​ no errors found,  startup config shows the admin account info as normal.  Only errors found are authentication errors

Current Type               : S4048
Hardware Revision          : A03
Software Version           :
Physical Ports             : 48x10GbE, 6x40GbE
BIOS                          :
SSD                           :   S16425c2
ONIE                          :



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13-10-2023 02:23 AM



Let's get the switch up to the latest to try to resolve it. I spoke to the L2 and may have a though might be a corrupted Linux kernel. 


If you do have a running config and startup config in the switch, back up it.


Get into ONIE rescue mode, update onie-updater and onie-firmware then os10.5.5.6.




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