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September 18th, 2014 20:00

Airplane Mode stuck, Press FN + PrtScn


I have a 15r inspiron laptop with Windows 8. My newest problem surfaced today.  Suddenly my laptop kept disconnecting my wireless connection and turning on airplane mode.  Finally it is stuck in airplane mode and I am unable to connect wireless. I have a Dell Wireless 1705 card.  I tried everything including restoring to factory default settings.  It also states my Ethernet connection is unplugged.  It is not since I have my tablet connecting fine.  This all started when I tried to check for windows updates. Any help is appreciated.  I never experienced so many problems with a computer. It seems that I am always fixing something.

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September 27th, 2014 22:00


In addition to what Jim stated...

Airplane Mode - Turn On or Off in Windows 8


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June 22nd, 2015 08:00

If the Airplane Mode is suddenly off .... that means you would have accidentally pressed the switch through your key board and enabled the mode on.


1. Please see your function Keys . Either F2 or the PtrScr+Fn key ( ptrscr is next to F12 key and Fn is near Ctrl key - Press both together) enables or disables the Airplain Mode in Dell systems.

2. You can press those keys and see the screen for the display showing the Off or On mode. 

3. When i press ptrscr + fn in my system i get the below display on my screen indicating the Off position.

My problem is solved . :))

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May 1st, 2022 16:00

Just spent hours trying to fix the "Stuck Airplane Mode" issue that suddenly started this morning on my Latitude E6430 running Windows 10.  I tried Device Manager, all the various tips/tricks using my phone....desperately trying to fix it to access the Internet...I reset my WiFi router, had it tested by Comcast, figured out it was the laptop...and dreading the torture of a Windows 10 RESET....after Comcast ran tests, I tried every Windows Troubleshooter test....I was so  frustrated I was ready to throw the laptop thru a window!

Before I totally gave up....I tried searching one more time, using the laptop's model number.  Saw a "SOLVED" link I followed, which said this is a simple mechanical issue!  There's little rectangular switch built into the right side, that moves forward or backward. The info said to push it BACK (towards you).


I came here to create an account to deliver the good news!


Happy Sunday,


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September 23rd, 2014 08:00

Hello. You have posted on the Laptop audio board. You might get better advice on our Wireless board.

Also Microsoft has some instructions here. Scroll down near the bottom to "What if my wireless devices don't turn on/off correctly".

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September 28th, 2014 08:00

Thank you for your help. My problem was solved by pressing  FN and F2 keys which turned my wireless connection back on. I must have hit the F2 key accidently and turned on airplane mode on.

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July 16th, 2015 20:00

Toss it in the trash like I did with the piece of *** Microsoft junk and buy an Apple

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September 21st, 2015 11:00

i am having same problem. I recently did an update. After that it popped in airplane mode by itself and will not come out. Even the boxes to click airplane mode on and off are greyed out.  

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September 21st, 2015 20:00

I have the same laptop computer and the exact same problem.   I've spent endless hours on the phone with Dell Tech Support and even my wireless provider and also spent today restoring everything back to factory settings. I'm using Ethernet for now.    Even Dell was unable to TURN OFF the airplane mode which in turn would turn on the Wi-Fi.  No one knows how to fix it.   All possible paths and possible solutions do not work. It's just plane broken.    You can't  talk to someone other than in the Philippines which really irks me.  My warranty is up sometime in October.  This first started on Sept 9th & it's still not resolved.   Dell has the worst Tech support I've ever encountered.  I would never buy another.  

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October 4th, 2015 11:00

Really fanboy?  You hang out here to troll Dell forums?  What a life you must have.  I'm an Apple fan too but what positive outcome can occur because of your trolling here?  You help no one here with your comments and you make your favored community look stupid by posting comments like this so please do us all a favor and crawl back under the rock in your parents' basement from whence you came and never return.

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November 5th, 2015 14:00

This worked for me. I have had this problem on several occasions. I have always restored to a previous restore point to fix it. This time restoring didn't work. I found this answer and I finally know what caused the problem and how to quickly fix it. Life is good! Thanks so much.

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December 13th, 2015 18:00

That did it for me.  No problems till updating today.

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April 9th, 2016 02:00

For the last couple of days I was stuck with Airplane Mode - ON. I couldn't turn it OFF to ON my wireless connection the usual way. Only through keyboard (Fn+PrtScr) as per your detailed explanation I did it. Thanks a lot.

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April 18th, 2016 01:00


In my Dell Latitude E7440 was the same problem.

I don't have WiFi icon on my keyboard, but I solved it with by turn on the WiFi button on the right side in my laptop near the audio and USB connector.

June 11th, 2016 20:00

Dell Precision M6800

Dell Support Web Page instructs to download "Quick Start Guide"; ok, easy enough. Except the page that they direct you to does not have that document.

After rolling the laptop over and over several times, noted a small slide switch on the side on the right front corner. Toggling it back and forth does enable/disable the WLAN & BT radios.

Kudos to Tarasula for the idea to investigate physical switches.

Double kudos to Dell for being absolutely absent...

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June 12th, 2016 06:00

Dell Support Web Page instructs to download "Quick Start Guide"

It should have said "Setup and Features Information". If you need that document in the future, go to the Precision M6800 support page. Click the blue "Manuals" near the top of the page.  That will reveal the list of documents.

The "Setup and Features Information" is pretty skimpy but it does show where all of the physical features are located.

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