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February 12th, 2024 11:49

Image Backup / Switch laptop

I want to stop using my Latitude 5580 and switch it to the Inspiron 14 7420 (which I still need to setup).

What is the best way to do a image backup of my Latitude 5580? 
1) MS "Windows Backup" from my MS account
2) Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery
3) 3rd party backup tools like Macrium Reflect, Todo Backup, etc.

Can MS "Window Backup" with One Drive and/or Dell SupportAssisst OS Recovery enable a smooth and effortless switching from my Latitude 5580 (Window 10 Pro) to my Inspiron 7420 (Window 11)?

Can I just import the 5580 image file to the 7420? Or do I still need to download again all the programs, app... and redo the settings in my 7420?

Thank you for any advises and tips.

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