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October 25th, 2021 05:00

Discussion Posting Issues

Hi, after using the Dell Community message board for a few weeks I'm finding that the posting process is rather counter-productive due to a multitude of impeding hinderances.

What should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes to post a complete and coherent message, with reference links and screen images, ends up taking significantly longer, routinely causing frustration and time loss.

In particular, the most prevalent issues are:

  • Verification failure
  • Invalid HTML formatting
  • Auto-formatting
  • Picture loss

Verification failure messages happen after attempting to post a new or edited message, despite having completed a successful captcha verification. This can happen multiple times in a row, and usually involves a momentary time-out waiting for the captcha to refresh (but not always, so is inconsistent).

Invalid HTML formatting messages occur almost anytime a table is added, weather from the editor itself, or pasted from Excel or OneNote. The error will continue to occur on subsequent posts even after the system says that the formatting has been auto-corrected.

Auto-formatting involves unwanted new-lines between any non-text content including images, code blocks, links, and bulleted lists. This auto-spacing also occurs between text and non-text content as well, though never seems to be inserted between adjacent text paragraphs. This becomes particularly bothersome when making edits, since each one then involves removing the auto-formatting in addition to the primary edit itself.

Picture loss happens frequent enough to warrant mention. There is never a warning or error about the invalid picture when attempting to post, despite it showing normally in the editor beforehand, it is simply replaced by a place-holder image in the final post. This requires an additional edit, which then usually involves any or all of the aforementioned issues.

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