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July 24th, 2022 22:00

Please allow us to edit our own posts (not just for 20 minutes)

Seriously, Dell!? How could anybody think it would be sensible to not allow us to edit our own posts, after 20 minutes!? Please fix this.

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July 25th, 2022 05:00

There is nothing to fix. This is working as designed by the Forum software. Only users with elevated roles can edit post after 20 minutes.

Send me the link to your reply with the edit, I will be glad to edit it for you.

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July 25th, 2022 20:00

After more than 30 years in IT, I still, to this day, find it truly bizarre how some fora systems appear to be designed or implemented in such bizarrely draconian ways. All I wanted to do was update my post with further details regarding the issue I was reporting. Invariably this kind of tweaking/enhancing of a post is inevitable. However, your software/systems seem to be designed/built to not cope particularly well with common every-day usage of a forum.

Please, by all means, elucidate as to how restricting editing of a post to 20minutes could ever have been conceived to be a good idea?

In the meantime, here's the link to my post:

I am glad I remembered to edit this post within my allotted 20 minutes, to thank you for your reply!

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