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February 23rd, 2024 22:24

CPU fan watts and volts question

Please I would like to know how many watts and volts that my CPU fan can run?? I'm using my Optiplex 5080 mini tower, i7 10700 CPU

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February 24th, 2024 05:01

Heatsink, MTE

OptiPlex 3080 Towerwith 260Wupto 85% efficient Power Supply (80Plus Bronze)

(5080 mt cooler)

Says 3080 in description but is actually for 5080 too.

cpu fan is AVC or Foxconn

12V 0.7A or 0.65A

multiply 12V and A

8.4w or 7.8w but that is if fan is running top speed constantly, which would be super loud

normal cpu operating via PWM and watt is a fraction of that.

Typically, a CPU fan cooler will use 1.8 watts of power and is rated at 12 volts. 


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