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February 6th, 2021 10:00

Q-Connector Kompatibel

Hey dear community,

I have a question about the installation of the front panel and would appreciate any answers! 

I have an ogy6y8 and wanted to upgrade the PC and therefore I bought a new Case because mine was simply too small for a new graphics card. Later I realize that my new case doesn't have the same interfaces as my mainboard (i.e. the front panel, fan connection, audio connection, etc.), so I wanted to ask you if you know a solution explicitly for the front panel. I did a lot of research myself and came across the solution using the Q-Connector. Now I'm not sure if every Q-Connector is compatible with every front panel, since I haven't found one specifically for Dell, I wanted to ask you to be 100% sure.

Thanks in advance for your answers and have a nice day.


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I have included an example here so that you can imagine what I mean  

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February 7th, 2021 12:00

Dell Never publishes this and there is no panacea cure all to fix this.

Dell front panels are complex and use 8 10 12 20 24 pin ribbon cables as well as front panel led boards and power button boards etc.

There is no solution that applys to ALL Dells.  There is ZERO support for pinouts.  Dell Never publishes this.

There is absolutely no such thing as all dell models all years all configurations.

This is not the psychic friends network and Dionne Warwick does not accept calls about dell front panel pin-outs.

ASUS connectors do not work on Dell.

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February 7th, 2021 15:00

Your motherboard ogy6y8 is for optiplex 7010.  The Q connector is only for ASUS motherboard which uses ASUS front panel pinout, thus Q connector is irrelevant to your motherboard transplant.

7010 has a Dell proprietary front I/O panel 20 pin which has user published pinout online.  It may prove difficult for you to transplant this to new case. But most important for you is to connect new case power switch to optiplex board.  The power switch on 7010 board is not part of 20 pin front I/O. It is a separate 5 pin header on board.  Pinout also published by user on line.









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February 8th, 2021 05:00

@redxps630   its nowhere near as simple as you proclaim it to be.

OptiPlex 7010  Power Switch Cable, front Thermal Sensor, System Fan, Front IO Panel and Power Supply

Summary: This page will take you through the safe removal of Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) parts

Power button does not address thermal sensors, fans for case and cpu, front panel audio and usb etc.

This is not simple 2 ,3,5,8,10 pin passive wires on a generic case.

No fans would mean if it turns on it will shut down. No thermal sensor means it will also shut down.

This is not a one click one connector Ronco set and forget.

And its absolutely not supported by dell.

85DX6 is the power button


N5G78 is the thermal Sensor



The colorful picture for dell 7010 tower front panel is 4C7PH

This is not simpleThis is not simple

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