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January 16th, 2024 12:53

DSU Fails to Update Drivers-for-OS-Deployment_Application_K8WCN_LN_19.05.08_A00 on PowerEdge R230, R430, R530


We've detected a DSU issue while updating to get13.

On our PowerEdge R230, R430, R530, etc., DSU tries to install the Drivers-for-OS-Deployment_Application_K8WCN_LN_19.05.08_A00. This package is only compatible with FC830, M830, M830, FC430 (see Dell OS Driver Pack).

Here is the DSU output:

DELL System Update (C) 2014 -- 2023 DELL Proprietary.Verifying catalog installation ...Installing catalog from repository ...Fetching dsucatalog ...Reading the catalog ...Verifying inventory collector installationGetting System Inventory ...Determining Applicable Updates ...Fetching iDRAC-with-Lifecycle-Controller_Firmware_J3JTJ_LN64_2.85.85.85_A00 ...Fetching Diagnostics_Application_JM78R_LN_4239A37_4239.45 ...Fetching Drivers-for-OS-Deployment_Application_K8WCN_LN_19.05.08_A00 ...Fetching SAS-RAID_Firmware_700GG_LN_25.5.9.0001_A17 ...Fetching Serial-ATA_Firmware_4DW70_LN64_DL6B_A00 ...Fetching Network_Firmware_DFF48_LN64_22.00.6 ...Fetching BIOS_DGFVH_LN64_2.18.2 ...Installing iDRAC-with-Lifecycle-Controller_Firmware_J3JTJ_LN64_2.85.85.85_A00Installed successfullyInstalling Diagnostics_Application_JM78R_LN_4239A37_4239.45Installed successfullyInstalling Drivers-for-OS-Deployment_Application_K8WCN_LN_19.05.08_A00Drivers-for-OS-Deployment_Application_K8WCN_LN_19.05.08_A00.BIN is not applicable to the systemDrivers-for-OS-Deployment_Application_K8WCN_LN_19.05.08_A00.BIN could not be installedInstalling SAS-RAID_Firmware_700GG_LN_25.5.9.0001_A17Installed successfullyInstalling Serial-ATA_Firmware_4DW70_LN64_DL6B_A00Installed successfullyInstalling Network_Firmware_DFF48_LN64_22.00.6Installed successfullyInstalling BIOS_DGFVH_LN64_2.18.2Installed successfullySome of the updates got failed, Please check the logs for more details.Please reboot the system for successful update(s) to take effectDone! Please run 'dsu --inventory' to check the inventoryProgress report is available at:/usr/libexec/dell_dup/DSU_STATUS.jsonExiting DSU!

When I manually download and try to install the Drivers-for-OS-Deployment_Application_K8WCN_LN_19.05.08_A00.BIN package, it returns the error:

This Update Package is not compatible with your system.Your system: PowerEdge R530System(s) supported by this package: FC830, M830, M830, FC430

How can I report this bug?

Or, at least, how can I exclude that package from updating, since we don't have the applicable configuration?



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January 16th, 2024 18:09

Hello rudniev.vv,


Thank you for bringing that to our attention. I spoke with a Systems Management engineer and they were aware and have fixed it in the next catalog that releases Friday.

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