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April 23rd, 2024 00:40

Identifying existing hardware in R630 & Which Pcie lanes could support pcie 2 external SAS ports.

Used Poweredge R630. Does not have any drives currently but has all caddies. Posts and was working properly when last used and connected. 

Looks like the previous owner removed a pcie card or 2, I've been unable to determine what it was or if it would be useful or necessary to replace. 

Trying to find a Dell or otherwise PCIE card that would provide 2 external SAS ports for additional storage/ connection to a JBOD array. Any suggestions on which of the lanes to use, and if a lane sharing a riser with another device would limit the bandwidth for accessing data? 

It looks like a 3x PCIE model and has both processors and ram installed (no drives currently). From the included pictures, which of the risers/ lanes would be best used to transmit that data without limiting the bandwidth of it? With an adapter, would I be able to accommodate for NVME drives, or would I still be limited to SAS/ SATA? Any suggestions on Dell or other pcie cards that would fit within the system and allow for this? 

Would appreciate any and all help 

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April 23rd, 2024 04:45

This server ships with an additional Broadcom 10G SFP+ PCIe NIC.  Based on the configuration it supports SAS/SATA on a Perc H730 Raid Controller(Cache and Batterie) which means NO NVMe. In the early days NVMe Disks are U.2 and connected directly to the CPU and not behind a HBA which means special Backplane and cables are used.

About external SAS

  1. Dell dual Port "12G SAS Adapter" which is a Passtrough HBA with NO RAID for external SANs, Tape
  2. Dell H830 RAID (With Cache and Battery) for external JBODs like MD14x0

Take a look to Family 9 under List of PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) types for Dell EMC systems | Dell US

About the other question please take a look into the techn. manual about "Slot preference". There should be a list in which PCIe Slot which Card is supportet.





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April 23rd, 2024 05:03

Hello, for the riser, please refer to page 31:


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