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January 5th, 2015 04:00

Poweredge R820 - Lifecycle Controller stuck at Initializing firmware interfaces

Installed a Win2012 Server on an R820 & no problem, then in error when configuring raid levels through lifecycle controller trashed the drives with the OS on.  Now when trying to boot into the Lifecycle Controller to install the OS again gets stuck with the 'Initializing firmware updates'.   Also noticed in the Lifecycle Logs we have the following message -

UEFI0004:CPU Exception Type 0x06: Invalid Opcode(software)

A CPU invalid opcode exception(type 0x06) occured in the pre-boot UEFI environment. The software attempted to execute invalid code.  The software attempted to execute valid code. 

Unsure how we resolve this? 





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January 5th, 2015 10:00


You stated you were in the raid configuration, when you recreated the Virtual disk did you initialize the Virtual Disk? I ask because the error you are seeing is generally referenced with an issue on an SD card/port. Which you wouldn't see unless the Virtual disk is not being listed in the Boot Menu, or sometimes because the SD is listed ahead of it in the Boot Order. 

After eliminating those possibilities then you can also try this;

Power down the server and remove the power cord. Once that is done, then open the cover and locate the NVRam jumper on the motherboard. It is located on the corner of the motherboard with the rear USB ports, shown below.


Once located then move the jumper over on the NVRAM_CLR side. Reattach the power cords and power the server. Once the server is showing signs of power (lights, fans) go ahead and power the server back down, and then restore the NVRAM jumper to its original location. After that then allow the server to sit, with the power cable installed, for a couple minutes before powering the server up. This allows the Drac to initialize fully before powering up. 

After performing these steps access the BIOS, Drac, and Lifecycle Controller and let me know where those revisions are. If they are behind we can update them and see if that resolves it

You can find the updates for the server here.

Let me know what you find. 

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January 13th, 2015 08:00

Thanks for the detailed response, we managed to rebuild the server and problem resolved.

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January 14th, 2015 05:00

Maybe rebuilding the server worked, but should we have to 're-build' a server to correct a fault created by poor attention to details at design?

Just askin'

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