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February 23rd, 2024 10:32

Compatibility SAMSUNG PM1735 with DELL PowerEdge C4140

I have a DELL PowerEdge C4140 server with three free PCI slots. Could I install SAMSUNG PM1735 NVMe PCIe HHHL disks on them?



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February 23rd, 2024 14:49

Hello, I can't tell directly it is supported by PE C4140 or not. If you have Dell part number label on the disk, I can check with it. Dell firmware is important for it. If it has compatible firmware for C4140 it will run. But if it does not have a Dell label then it might be not work as properly. I think it does suggest that Samsung NVMe SSDs can potentially be used in the C4140. However if it is non-Dell part then you can face some issues depending on several factors including the server’s BIOS, backplane, and other hardware configurations.

I found a few PCIe NVMe disks as below, you can check them. 

12DHD Kit Controller Card, SSD Controller, Dell Express Flash NVMe 6.4TB AIC, PCIE 3.0, Samsung, Contains...
2GJ4W Kit Controller Card, SSD Controller, Dell Express Flash NVMe 3.2TB AIC, PCIE 3.0, Samsung, Contains...
32YP0 Controller Card, Dell Express Flash NVMe P4500 4TB PCIe Solid State Drive Height Half Length Adapte...
C4W6J Kit Controller Card, SSD Controller, Dell Express Flash NVMe 1.6TB AIC, PCIE 3.0, Samsung, Contains...

Hope that helps!

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