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April 23rd, 2024 12:35

H730P not recognizing self encrypting drives as capable of encryption

We have both Intel SSD DC S3520 drives and Samsung MZ7LH3T8 and our raid controller doesnt recognize these as SED drives. They seem to be listed as such by the manufacturers. Has anyone run into this before or have any ideas on how we can resolve the issue?



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April 23rd, 2024 17:13



To start I would want to confirm the drives are compatible, so would you clarify the model of server you are using, as well as the part number for the drive, not the model number you provided in your posting?


Let me know and I can confirm if the drives are supported. 



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April 24th, 2024 20:36

Can you please share the details of the disks and the hardware model you are using ? We can help you much better if we have these info.

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