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April 29th, 2017 13:00

Hard Drive RAID Replacement Recognized as a Solid State Drive

I have a Dell R210 II server with a mirrored RAID array using Dell's PERC S100. It  is seeing a new Western Digital disk I got to replace a failing drive as a solid state drive rather than the traditional hard drive that it is.  So it won't let me join the new disk to the existing virtual disk.  Several months ago I replaced the other disk in the array with a model hard drive (WD1003FZEXSP) identical to the one I just bought and it is working well.  That's why I got a new disk of the same kind.

The disk is recognized properly and functions correctly in another computer where I temporarily installed it as part of my troubleshooting.  I am hoping that someone has seen this before and has a workaround.

Thank you for helping me troubleshoot this.  I really don't want to return the drive since it does work.

Rod Walter

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April 29th, 2017 15:00

WD Black is not compatible with Dell controllers. I suspect that the firmware of the drives is different, OR its general incompatibility with the controller may not work on the specific port, or with multiple on the bus, etc. The WD Black is a desktop drive and should be be used in servers. You would be ok turning OFF the S100 and using the drives in AHCI mode and mirroring in the OS. Not using the S-series controllers is always preferable.

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April 29th, 2017 16:00

Thanks for the reply, Flash.  I may very well change over to using Windows to manage the array.

I have a question.  If I image the existing virtual drive, turn off RAID in the bios, and then recover the data in AHCI mode, will the drive retain any PERC information that would pose a hurdle to having Windows manage the mirror?

Rod Walter

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