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October 23rd, 2023 01:35

HELP: PowerEdge R440 with PERC H330 can not detect new HDD on RAID 1 configuration

Dear Team,

Currently we facing trouble with our dell power edge R440 with PERC H330 RAID Controller. Our disk on 0:1:3 broken and we need to replace with the new one. We do procedure to make offline the disk, shutting down the server and take off it out. We do insert the new one disk with exactly same capacity, merk, type and when we do check on physical disk it is not detected.

Is the procedure we did wrong?

is PERC H330 support retag for virtual disk? is the data all initialize/destroy if we delete existing virtual disk?

warm regards,




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October 23rd, 2023 09:53

Hello thanks for choosing Dell.
When you get to POST, could you CTRL+R and show us how RAID is configurated?
Yes the data will be gone as you might assume if you innitliaze.
We don't know what OS you are trying to install. If you could tell us that too.

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