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September 19th, 2023 05:42

R440 PERC battery error


idrac log showing me couple of these errors:

"The PERC1 battery is not ready either because the battery is not fully charged or a transient battery event is observed."

I have replaced battery a month ago, now this error showed up again. Any ideas?

Thank you.



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September 19th, 2023 14:16


please follow the action plan:

Action Plan:

  • Please perform an update to the iDRAC and BIOS firmware versions.
  • Please reseat the PERC battery connection.
  • Please perform a flea power drain. Flea power is the residual static electricity that remains on the server even after it has been powered off, so this procedure will remove the remaining static electricity in the components, will also wipe any bad configuration stored in cache and will reboot the IDRAC which controls the sensors and communicate with all the hardware. 
    • ​​​​​​​Power the server down.
    • Disconnect server from all power cables, Network cables, and peripherals.
    • Hold down the power button continuously for at least 25 seconds.
    • Insert power cables, network cables, and peripherals back to the system.
    • Wait about 2 minutes before powering on server to give the iDRAC time to initialize.
    • Power the system on.
  • ​​​​​​​After performing all these steps, please monitor the performance of the PERC battery.


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