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February 7th, 2024 11:49

raid 5 sas replacement


I have a dell poweredge r750 server, with raid 5.
1 sas hdd failed, if I replace the faulty hdd, will the raid rebuild be done automatically or do I have to rebuild it?



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February 7th, 2024 16:12



You should be able to remove the failed drive, wait 30 seconds, then insert the replacement drive, then a few moments later it should start automatically rebuilding. Now in the case it doesn't automatically start, then you will need to assign that replacement drive as a Global Hotspare and then that should trigger the rebuild. 


Let me know if this helps.



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February 8th, 2024 07:29

Unfortunately, water got into the connector, which is why the hdd became defective.
If I put the new hdd in another sas connector, can I rebuild the raid or do I have to make a completely new raid block?



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February 8th, 2024 09:54


if in the other connector the new hard drive is recognized then it should start the rebuild. The position of the hard drive in the controller is not important.


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