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March 25th, 2024 14:13

VD 2 (Virtual Drive 2) missing after reboot


I have this very strange issue with PERC6/i on PowerEdge R710.

It has 8 drives:

- first 2 drives are in RAID1 (system disk) --> VD0

- next 4 drives are in RAID10  --> VD1

- last 2 drives are in RAID1 --> VD2

All RAIDs are clean and working fine.

And no matter what, as soon as I reboot the machine, PERC says it's missing VD2.

RAID1 made of last 2 drives just evaporates.

After reboot no foreign config is seen by controller. First 6 drives are ok (online), but last 2 drives are "Ready". I may create a new RAID1 out of them and this finishes successfully. But after a reboot is lost again.

PERC6/i battery is new. Firmware is latest. 



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March 25th, 2024 20:03



Could you post a picture of hard drive label, of VD2, showing Dell part number (DP/N) so I can confirm if they are validated for the R710?


Have you run the hardware diagnostics?

Hardware diagnostics:

Reboot Press F10 in top right corner. Once the USC loads, select ‘Hardware Diagnostics’ in the left side and click ‘Run Diags’ in the body.

Then run the 'Run Diags' select 'Express Test'. Note any messages and continue testing.


Next you can test if it is a slot issue.

Array member drives should be either all in together or all removed together.


Try shut down, remove VD1 and VD2 drives. Boot to the controller make sure it shows just the VD0 drives.


Shut down and put VD2 drives in slots VD1 was in. Boot to controller; either import the array or if it is not present create an array.


Try a few shut down/power up to see if the array stays or vanishes.


Then shut down. Install the VD1 drives in open slots. Boot to controller. See if the array is present or if there is a foreign configuration you should Import.


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March 25th, 2024 21:11


Thanks for the answer. I will run the hardware diagnostics at night (it's a production machine, unfortunately). It's hard for me to make those swap-drives test on a production system, but eventually I do.

Drives are Intel SSD D3-S4510 (sorry!), Perc log says is not a certified drive BUT they were working just fine in this very same setup for several years. No firmware has been upgraded lately. Issue came up after the power outage during which server was powered off for several hours. Then PERC reported its battery is dead (and I've replaced it with new). Can't figure out what could have happen. I've been using different Dell PE servers for years now and never faced such a strange issue.

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