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August 21st, 2022 22:00

PowerFlex Failure Scenarios.

Hello All,

We have a 8 node HCI powerflex cluster and spare capacity is set to 13% making the spare capicity eq to one node. My question is regarding the failure scenarios i.e. node failure and disk failure. How many nodes can fail at a single time. Is the spare capacity dedicated to only one node or all the disks in the cluster are used to maintain spare capacity. If my usable stoarge is completly utilized how many node failure can the poweflex handle. As, per my understanding it can handle a single node failure at a time and after a rebuild is complete then it can handle further one node failure (assuming the uable capacity is completly utilized). 

Thank You.

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August 28th, 2022 20:00

Hi Jackking,

In a given protection domain, PowerFlex can sustain 1 failure at the same time. It can sustain as many sequential failures as you wish if you have allocated enough spare capacity (e.g. if you changed your policy to 25% spare, then you could sustain 2 sequential failures).

PowerFlex rebuilds itself incredibly quickly, so the probability of simultaneous failures occurring is next to nothing. It is usually human errors that cause the most problems, so it's always best to focus on the human and process element first. Automation tools like PowerFlex Manager greatly reduce the risk of human errors creeping into the equation.


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