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April 16th, 2021 01:00

MetroDR - REST call vs SYMCLI/GUI



Wondering if any has some input about the MetroDR "section" in REST v92, that some vital attributes of an existing MetroDR environment is missing.

For instance, if you view details of an existing MetroDR environment in the GUI or via SYMCLI, you get attributes such as which RDFG's that the MetroDR env relies on, also in the GUI, you get the associated storage groups on R1/R2 and DR site as well. 

If doing a get call (/univmax/restapi/92/replication/symmetrix/{symmetrixId}/metrodr/{environmentName}) of an existing MetroDR env on the other hand, yoy get more of the current state of the underlying replication and health of those.

Does anyone have an idea on how to get the same kind of MetroDR info as I get thru GUI/SYMCLI via REST?



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April 16th, 2021 13:00

Hello skitbil,

Here is a link to the Dell EMC Unisphere for PowerMax 9.2.1 REST API Change Log which has all the calls that can be done with rest API.

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