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August 16th, 2023 19:15

How to factory reset S4810 Force 10 switch


Apologies if this should not go here, I was not sure where else to put it....

I have a S4810 Force 10 Switch that I cannot get to factory reset.  It is on version (I think) and the strange thing is some of the commands simply are not there. On VLAN 1 there is no 'shutdown' command and there is also no 'Reload' command in any mode. I have no idea how to factory reset this guy now.  I put up a TFTP server on my laptop but I cannot get the switch to even ping my laptop let alone try the upgrade.  I tried so many things, and yes, both switch and my laptop are on the same network and IP space. It's super odd or I am missing something super-obvious!  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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August 17th, 2023 02:42

Hello thanks for choosing Dell.

S4810T-U32#delete flash://startup-config
Proceed to delete startup-config.bak [confirm yes/no]:yes 


"dont save running-configuration when reload the switch when prompt for save management system configuration"

Hope this helps.

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August 31st, 2023 17:00

DELL-Young E,

Hey thanks, that did the trick.  Now... to try and upgrade the firmware!  This should be interesting!


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