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December 17th, 2023 17:13

I lost the administrator pass of the Switch s4810p, how can I do a hard reset of this device?

I am working at a university in Chicago, we replaced some old dell model switches with new ones and i would like to reuse these devices in other areas. I am trying to get access to configure them but i forgot the admin pass. How can i restore it to the factory defaults?  

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December 22nd, 2023 10:26

To restore the factory defaults on a Dell Force10 S4810 switch, you can follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the switch is powered on.
  2. Access the switch's command-line interface (CLI) by connecting to it using a management station or a remote connection method like Telnet or SSH.
  3. Once connected to the CLI, enter the following command to restore the factory defaults:
FTOS# restore factory-defaults stack-unit {0-5 | all} {bootvar | clear-all | nvram}

This command will restore and clear the configuration, stacking, fanout, and other settings to their factory defaults. If you are unable to access the CLI or if the switch is not responding, you may need to perform a hard reset by disconnecting both power cables from the switch, waiting for about 10 seconds, and then reconnecting the power cables. This method may not erase the configuration, but it can help you regain access to the switch. Keep in mind that these steps should be performed with caution, as they will erase the current configuration and settings on the switch. Make sure to backup any important data or configurations before proceeding with these steps.

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