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April 1st, 2023 01:00

How can i setting for management network for powerscale F600

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April 1st, 2023 01:00

Can I make that setting when I create a cluster?

We are backend network 100gbe

After create cluster then.. how can i access webui using management network?

April 6th, 2023 07:00

Hi Yoonsuwhan,

Thank you for the query regarding the Management Network for Power Scale F600.

F600 Node: Front-end networking (per node) Dual port 25G NIC supporting 10G or 25G connections (SFP+/SFP28) or Dual port 100G NIC supporting 40G or 100G connections (QSFP+/QSFP28).

The F600 nodes have a 4-port 1 GB NIC in the rNDC
slot. OneFS does not support this NIC on the F600.

You need minimum 3 F600 nodes to create a PowerScale Cluster.

The OneFS management interface is used to perform various administrative and
management tasks on the PowerScale cluster and nodes. Management capabilities
vary based on which interface is used. The different types of management
interfaces in OneFS are:
• Serial Console
• Web Administration Interface (WebUI)
• Command Line Interface (CLI)
• Platform Application Programming Interface (PAPI)
• Front Panel Display.

If you connect the serial cable to the first node the configuration Wizard automatically
starts when a node is first powered on. When the wizard starts, the menu and prompt are displayed as shown.

Web capture_6-4-2023_195018_.jpeg

Choosing option 1 steps you through the process of creating a cluster. During the creation of the cluster you can specify the Ip Range for the first pool called the pool0.

Once the cluster is created you can connect the serial cable to other nodes an add them to existing cluster by selecting the option 2 in the wizard this time.

Hope this info helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Mohammed Iqubal




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April 6th, 2023 08:00

Hi Yoonsuwhan,

Thank you for the query related on how you can access the Web UI using the management interface.

Once the Power Scale Cluster is created it create a Groupnet0 under Groupnet0 it creates a Subnet0 and under Subnet0 it creates Pool0 and under Pool0 it create s Rule0.



                Pool0 (Low:        High:



Based on Rule0 Power Scale assigns each node with an ip address based on the external interface selected for the pool0.

For Example, you can open the browser and enter the below Ip address if this Ip address was part of the pool0. Top open the Web UI.

Web capture_6-4-2023_203514_.jpeg

Hope this information helps.


Thanks and Regards,

Mohammed Iqubal


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