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March 21st, 2023 08:00

Health Check & System Information CLI


Can anyone tell me what commands can be ran from PowerStore CLI to capture Health Report and all the system information? 


I'm aware of the following

#svc_health_check run

#svc_manufacturing --hardware_report

what i was looking for is some sort of report or script i can run post install for customers to document the configuration and health status. i want to capture things like Service Tag, Drive Count, OS Version, Network information etc

i can see there are multiple svc_ commands, so i guess i can run these all individually but i wondered if there was as #svc_show_all command to capture everything all in one go


any assistance here is greatly appreciated. 

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March 22nd, 2023 01:00

Hello @Chris Payne ,

Unfortunately, there is no single command to capture everything in one go. You can run an individual command as below to capture the related information.

svc_diag list --info --> show service tag, Software revision
svc_diag list --basic --> show info for the cluster, appliance node, and OS version
svc_diag list --show_drives --> List the drives on the system
svc_diag list --hardware --sub_options fault_status --> check hardware health status
svc_diag list --network --> check network info

You can also connect to PowerStore cli from the service console to view network configuration as below:
pstcli -d -u admin -p network show
Example: pstcli -d -u admin -p P@ssw0rd123 network show

For more information about service commands, click here

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