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May 27th, 2021 04:00

PowerStore Network switch config. differences

Hi All,

I'm just reading through the PowerStore Implementation module, specifically as the title here says the differences in network switch configurations between the PowerStore T and X models (on-demand course slides 38/39 or student guide PDF pages 89-98).

I found having the two products split across slides and pages hard to read (compare) so I've tried to summarize the information provided into the table below but I'm wondering if the 'N/A - No LACP' should just say 'Configure PowerStore facing switchports'?

PowerStore T & X Network Switch config differences.png







Thanks in advance,

August 5th, 2021 03:00


The difference between the PS-X and PS-T is that the PS-T has a pre created LACP Bond with port 0 and port 1 from the Mezz0 card. In this table they want to specify for the PS-T that you only have to create the LACP on the ToR switches if you configure those switches in a Multi Chassis LAG (such as VLTi (Dell) or vPC (Cisco)). This is the only configuration that support the LACP configuration on the switches as both physical switches will appear as if it was a single physical switch. If we use Reliable L2 Uplink or Direct Trunk Link for the configuration of the ToR, we do not have to configure the LACP on the ToR switches as it's not supported. We cannot create an LACP with 2 ports on 2 different physical switches. Of course, in addition we might have to configure VLAN, etc...

In addition to "N/A no LACP" they could have added "configure the facing ports on the switch for VLAN, etc.."

Here they want to emphasize the LACP configuration specific to the PS-T.

Hope it helps.

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