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June 15th, 2023 02:00

PowerStore OS 3.5

The following list highlights the major features to expect in this software release followed by additional details for each category.

  • Security: On the security side of the house, we’ve implemented support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for PowerStore Manager and REST API using RSA SecurID. Following the US Federal Security Technical Guide conditions, PowerStore now complies with STIG requirements. Also, users can now import a 3rd party certificate for the VMware VASA provider.
  • Data Protection: We’ve added a few different enhancements to our data protection capabilities: the largest feature is a native backup solution that integrates with Dell PowerProtect DD series appliances. Metro Volume has seen some UI enhancements to help guide customers on selecting appropriate host connectivity options. The new secure snapshot setting protects snapshots from being accidentally or maliciously deleted.
  • File Enhancements: Through PowerStore Manager and REST, users can now manage file share permissions (ACLs). Fail-Safe Networking (FSN) can be created for NAS server interfaces, a lightweight and switch-agnostic form of link redundancy that complements link aggregation.
  • Scaling & Capacity: We’ve improved scalability limits for file systems, volumes, and vVols. We’ve also added a Recycle Bin for retrieving deleted volumes, volume groups, and snapshots within an expiration period.

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June 29th, 2023 18:00

thanks for that info Hoo Hong, 

STIG is becoming an ever more important item for many organizations

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