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August 28th, 2023 07:59

Using PowerStore Service Commands

PowerStore includes service commands that enable you to diagnose issues, solve common problems, perform certain operational tasks, and recover your system from an error state. 

Step to run the service commands: 

In PowerStore Manager, under Settings, enable SSH.

Launch SSH client such as Putty and connect to management IP. Enter the username and password for the service account to log in to the system.

To see the list of scripts, type the following: svc_help:

Display svc_diag help command:

Display svc_diag list help command:

Get System Information:

Show Cluster Topology:

The svc_dc list command lists all data collections:

The svc_dc run command generates a new data collection on the local appliance using the default profile.

Check node status:

Connect to the peer node service container (svc_ssh_peer):

Dell PowerStore Service Scripts Guide available here.

29-08-2023 17:33 PM

thanks for sharing Hoo Hong, 

The PowerStore UI has many configuration options, but it's great to know that there are additional service commands from the CLI 

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