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November 21st, 2023 12:16

About Powervault Me5 Adapt Configuration.

Hello Obviously we want to buy povervault me5 series san storage in the near future. We want to build our configuration as adaptive. However, I am confused by the option below that adapt is not suitable if there are many write jobs. We had thought of Povervault series for an environment where redhat linux is completely installed and continuous writing will be done. In your opinion, in this case, we can choose and install Raid 10 structure other than Adapt, but I think it is limited in terms of scale. Is there a test where I can compare Raid 10 write speed and adapt configuration write speed? Or a sample case. I need support on this issue.


Provides flexible storage and fast rebuilds. Well-suited for most workloads other than those using very few disks, or requiring a high number of writes  ADAPT



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November 21st, 2023 18:34



This is the white paper we have on ADAPT that could help determine whether you are satisfied with RAID6 performance for your environment or if you need RAID10 performance.  

Based on this guide we can see that under the hood ADAPT uses a bunch of 10 disk wide RAID6 stripes.   RAID6 has to calculate parity when writing, so that is why some people prefer the write performance of RAID10.

White Paper: Dell PowerVault ME5 ADAPT Software (  


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