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February 21st, 2024 01:01

How to interpret SMART value

Would anyone happen to know or have a link to the specifications for the Dell Enterprise SSD 0V7HCN (Model THNSF81D92CSE). I just got a couple dozen of these from some retired gear and want to evaluate their wear level to determine if they're worth using elsewhere. My google-fu clearly is bad as all I get when I look for the drives are reseller listings, and no actual spec sheets.

smartctl -a /dev/sdx shows a

233 Media Wearout Indicator 0x0012 100 100 000 Old_Age Always xxxxxxx

This is the only value which seems to indicate a wear level.

However, it contains numbers (xxxxxxx) which have ranged from 600k to the low 100ks, which makes so sense, unless it is expressed in hex or some other value (e.g. number of spare cells, etc.). One value, for example, is 622088, which would be 0x00097e08. Even looking at them as MSB/LSB, it would be 00 09 7e 08.

Anyone have some experience with these drives?

I threw a half-dozen in a Dell R730 and looked at them through the iDRAC. All drives, regardless of the value (100k - 600k for SMART code 233) are showing as "100% remaining rated write endurance"... not sure I really trust what I'm getting out of the iDRAC, despite these being Dell enterprise drives and one would think the idrac would report the correct information...

I looked at a 1.6TB version of these drives today in my pile, and the 233 SMART code was only 9002.

How can I judge their worthiness to re-use in another system?



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February 21st, 2024 09:23



I tried to find any article or documentation in regard to SSD DPN# V7HCN, but to no avail. 


Perhaps best to wait for someone in this community to share their knowledge if they have similar drive as yours. 

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